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    Corporate & Social Responsibility


All our projects are registered under “Considerate Constructors Scheme“.  From the beginning of each job, we make a point of building relationships with all of our project neighbours, keeping them fully updated with all activities on site. All work is constantly monitored to ensure that noise levels are kept as low as possible, and waste is disposed of carefully and considerately.

Dependent on the size and time period of individual projects for construction, we will endeavour to produce a project newsletter which will be posted onsite and to the local community.

We welcome involvement from the community at large, and encourage neighbours, schools and any other interested parties to make an appointment for a site visit where we will show them how we work, and what is happening on site.

Health & Safety

Pinington policy is to do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure that we provide a safe and healthy environment not just for our employees, but for any other whom we may affect through our business activities.

Pinington believe that affective health and safety practice contributes to a higher performance level on site and with an effective Health and Safety management system and competent supervision these are key components in maintaining safe sites.
All Pinington site management are to hold the (SMSTS) Site management safety training scheme certification.

Pinington recognises that communication and co-operation are essential to promote Health and Safety on all sites and adopt a working culture where all persons can work and visit in a safe manner.

Pinington in complying with legislation will ensure the highest standards of health and safety are achieved with support from

•    Job specific Health and Safety plan

•    Support form specialists

•    Communication with sub-contractors

•    Site inspections and audits

•    Communication with employees

•    Competent management

•    Training

•    ACOP’S ( Approved codes of practice) including guidance notes

Pinington aim is to continue and improve in providing a Safe and Healthy environment where people will want to work.

Environmental ISO 14001

To ensure our commitment to the environment and our action in procuring and performing in an ever changing world we are keen to develop and enhance our business management and site operations procedures in conjunction with our accreditation to ISO 14001.

As the profile of environmental issues are increasingly being raised it is Pinington commitment to ensure that all impacts through there activities are to either be eliminated, re-used, reduced or recycled.

Environmental responsibility within Pinington lies with every employee within the company. Particular emphasis is given to the prevention of pollution, fuel consumption and waste management. To assist in reducing our impact Pinington have a local supply chain of sub-contractors and material suppliers. Pinington constantly review construction techniques to reduce noise and dust into the atmosphere and use of recyclable produces.

Our waste all enters our local waste transfer plant where we have a recycle waste rate of between 87 and 90 percent.

Pinington environmental policy is supported by our EMS Environmental Management System where we attended a Fast track 14 course to enable us to have a compliant system.

Pinington will continue to support to minimise the impact on the environment by our actions.


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