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    Our Supply Chain

Our aim is to coordinate the internal and external resources required by the Pinington supply chain to meet customers´ needs, in order to improve our long term profitability and that of our supply chain colleagues.

We believe that developing long term relationships with all who provide services to our business, such as consultants, subcontractors, service providers and material suppliers is crucial to our ability to provide our clients and customers with projects that deliver to the highest standards.

It is Pinington objective to incorporate suppliers to improve relationships and therefore raise the benchmark in our performance. The key to its success is the development of an open culture, involvement in the process and sharing of the rewards.

Our Approach

At Pinington we believe the key to a successful project is the genuine collaborative effort of all parties involved. An effective and efficient supply chain is therefore crucial to our future and to achieving our objectives.

Pinington look to procure key suppliers at the earliest opportunity in the process improving the performance and the programme of the project to increase the expectation of the client and design team. We are also keen to refer to our constructionline database when procuring future work.

Selecting only those with whom we can form long term relationships and where our core values are firmly embedded within their businesses. We will work with them towards the common goal of delighting our customers through consistent delivery of our brand promise whilst ensuring continuous improvement and innovation within our own organisations for mutual benefit.

Pinington are keen to develop new innovative ideas with our supply chain and share knowledge with all help us in our performance and exceeding our future clients expectations.

Pinington will continue in the development to keep raising the bar in our performance and exceeding our client’s expectations.

Constructionline membership number 6366

When assessing capability and availability of our supply chain as a member of Constructionline we will always check for recommendations and options.


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