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Residential Development, King Street, Morecambe

P1000989P1000987P1000988New build 18 properties, 10no 2 bed houses and 8no flats over 2 floors for affordable housing, new parking and landscaped areas complete the development.

The site is close to the main rail link into Morecambe, we worked closely with Network rail coordinating the movement and use of large mobile crane adjacent to rail system. Part of the remedial works involved grubbing up existing station platforms buried in the 60s, following this exercise we were required to maintain and complete ground stabilization which included monitoring any fluctuation between clients site and network rail lines.

New buildings consist of timber framed superstructure system manufactured onsite using timber and OSB sterling board to form the structural framing and floors. The external cladding consists of block stone and render with roof tiling all matching adjacent properties. Pinington installed all high class kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Extensive external works include new road layout, residential parking and soft grassed landscaping throughout.



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